• Nike eye wear is designed to provide excellent clarity of vision and comfort for those with sporty and active lifestyles. Products are developed for each category of sport, from golf to cycling, tennis and running, to suit the athlete in everyone.

    Calvin Klein frames are recognised for their detailed sculpting and minimalism. The range includes classic colorations and discrete embellishments for a sophisticated and timeless look. These frames are both bold and subtle, with clean and elegant lines.

    A range of Ladies and Gents, middle of the road frames. In assorted colours and materials, to suit a variety of tastes, fashion statements.

    Designer-led and instinctively modern, Jensen brings together the essence of Great British Design with a European quality that pushes men’s eyewear forward in style and fashion. The exclusive Jensen Black capsule collection fuses high-concept design and cutting-edge materials offering the ultimate combination of form and functionality.

    Sophistication is at the heart of the Nicole Farhi brand, with frames inspired by chic French style and Turkish heritage. The range includes contrasting colours, bold designs and fine attention to detail for those who love to make a statement with their style.

    Vinyl Factory takes us back to an earlier time and re-interprets classic, iconic models and updates them for today’s style conscious wearers. Inspired by the music and spirit of the 60’s and 70’s,the collection is composed of optical and sunglass models with unique detailing that gets you into a pop and retro mood.

    Evocative names such as Bowie, Clapton and Marley are used and frames incorporate golden disc inserts and electric guitar neck shaped temples. Each frame is hand-made with great care with finishes such as laser engraving and metal colouring & plating.

    Ad Lib - stylish, trendy and original; a collection for lifestyle-oriented urban women and men who want to express their personality and enjoy being fashionable. The youngest house brand of the CHARMANT Group - the styles feature the very latest colours and forms inspired by the defining trends in fashion, technology, sport, and pop culture. Distinctive details make every Ad Lib a key piece of personal style and individual truth. Ad Lib flaunts above average flexibility, durability and wearing comfort.

    William Morris eye wear designs range from the most minimalist and classic to the most statement and contemporary, to suit any style. The collections include frames that are affordable and distinctly British, in various colours and shapes.

    Fysh Urban Kool eye wear is one of the more unique collections for women, inspired by the sea’s beauty and freedom and a passion for love and life. Frames are colourful and modelled in statement shapes with unusual detailing and embellishments.

    Kliik branding is focused on sophistication and statement, with modern designs from Denmark that are finished in gorgeous patterns and colours. Frames for both men and women are a mix of innovation and style, to suit the fashion-forward spectacle wearer.

    Inspired by the beauty of music, LineArt CHARMANT represents a rare synergy of technological achievement and aesthetic perfection through advanced designs. Flexible and sleek, the distinctive Excellence Titan strands are masterfully crafted to enhance the beauty of each wearer. Its singular lightness of wear, striking profiles, and incomparable comfort culminate to provide an eyewear collection like no other.

    Excellence Titan, the feature material utilized in LineArt frames, is a titanium alloy that retains titanium’s strength and durability, but is also highly flexible and offers a superb memory function—yet still hypoallergenic.

    LineArt is a synergistic masterpiece, showcasing the perfect combination of high-tech and beauty to provide a new generation of eyewear in which expression of emotion and function form a harmonious unit.

  • We stock a range of ACUVUE® contact lenses which are designed for optimal comfort and convenience. Built with a soft and flexible Silicone Hydrogel, most in the range are also equipped with the unique, wetting HYDRACLEAR® technology, keeping your eyes moist for longer. These lenses are available as daily disposables, reusables, as Toric lenses for those with Astigmatism and as multifocals for those with Presbyopia.

    Sauflon Clariti 1® Day lenses are built with AquaGen™ technology which ensures continuous wettability throughout wear, without the need for surface treatments or wetting agents. Made from Silicone Hydrogel, these lenses are soft, highly flexible and they promote the transmission of oxygen to your eyes, providing for an all-day comfort experience. They also block or absorb UVA rays and UVB radiation, to help protect your eyes from long-term sun damage.

    Coopervision Biofinity lenses are a premium contact lens providing comfort for long-term wear. They are available for nearsighted and farsighted vision correction and can be worn with ease for up to 7 days. Built from a Silicone Hydrogel material, they are soft and flexible and enable oxygen to pass easily through to your eyes. They are also equipped with Aquaform® Technology for natural wettability and a healthy lens-wearing experience.

  • S Series

    The Varilux S Series range is a premium range of varifocal lenses designed to correct vision for near, in-between and far distances, in any situation. They are available as a highly advanced and personalised 4D version to give a faster vision experience, they can be fitted to shallow frames, and can include a Crizal UV coating to protect from UV light, glare, scratches, smudges and reflections.

    E Series

    Varilux E Series varifocal lenses are built with Swim Control technology and S Digital Surfacing for a dramatic decrease in the swim effect and easier adaptation for wearers. These lenses are also available with eyecode, for an even more precise and instant vision experience.


    Crizal Forte UV lenses provide comprehensive UV protection and an enduring clarity of vision. They are equipped with various advanced technology to resist reflections, smudges, scratches, dust and water, battling the 5 enemies of clear vision.


    Crizal Preventia lenses selectively filter out harmful light to protect your eyes from premature ageing and to reduce the risk of conditions such as Cataracts and AMD. This technology gives 25 times the UV protection than without lenses while allowing for essential visible blue-turquoise light to pass through. They are also durable against reflections, scratches, dust, water and smudges, providing for an optimal and reliable vision experience.

    Transitions lenses constantly adapt to your light conditions to provide the optimal transparency or shading that will enable you to see most at ease. These lenses are equipped with a unique formula of photochromic molecules which change upon exposure to UV light, to protect your eyes from the long-term effects of the sun. They are also available in more advanced forms, suitable for driving and sunwear.